Saturday, 4 April 2009

The pub with... oh dear.

Well - two days, 300 mm of rain for us and once again, high ground (other than moral) is a handy thing to have. 

Kin Kin is a bit of a mess. Apparently it only took twenty minutes for the bar to fill up with water - (see counterie still on the table).
Karma, I reckon. The pub was recently gutted and transformed from charming old country pub to unremarkable suburban bistro circa 1990 - all hard surfaces, chrome furniture and possibly the ugliest beergarden in the history of rubberised fake cobblestone floor covering. I used to go to the pub regularly - take visitors out there for the sheer pleasure of having a beer in the old front bar, but I don't go there any more since the vandalism. Personally, I think ten foot of water and shit through the pub is an improvement on the rennos.
Seems from the newspaper report that the publican was more interested in protecting the piss than the patrons. 'Fending off looters' indeed - everyone knows that what you do in a flood is climb the hill and drink warm beer. What was the publican thinking? He should have been passing slabs up stairs and putting on a piss up on the verandah - the stock would have been washed away in the torrent and covered by insurance anyway. 
No one except the publican appears surprised though - there'd been a photo of the pub under water hanging in the old front bar for donkey's ages. It's the reason it is up on stilts after all. Anyone who would spend a million bucks to rennovate the ground floor of a pub like that, built beside a creek on a flood plain is, quite frankly, nuts, and will not be finding much sympathy amongst the locals who pretty much liked it the way it was.

PS: Hope you're OK Fi! Judging from the level of the water, looks like Barnaby's new room might be a bit soggy.


  1. You fkn lucky bastards. We fkn missed out again. 25mm for the whole year so fkn far.

    Hughsey, rubberised cobblestones previously went unnoticed in my universe. I will now learn to love them thanks to your genius for observation. bedes

  2. Gotta love karma.
    We used to go to the old regatta in winter, still in our footy gear, sit next to the fire and have a few ales.
    Now they have snipers to take out anyone not dressed properly from two miles.

  3. Fond memories of that Pub. In my younger days I played Rugby League at Kin Kin (I played for Kingaroy and Murgon). After the game all would adjourn to the Pub for a couple of "Soft Drinks" before piling onto the bus for home.

    In didn't matter that most of us were underage (The drinking age was 21 back then) as the local Police Sargent was also the coach for Kin Kin.

  4. Hmmm - wonder if that police sargant is now running the NRL?

  5. Have you considered the possibility that, perhaps, this is an emphatic sign that God is unhappy with you and those in your vicinity?

  6. Perhaps, Boylan, but I imagine God is a bit overworked at the moment. He's turned the pump on to fill the top tank, got distracted in Pakistan, or the G20, and forgot to turn it off in time before it overflowed.

  7. Oh. Okay. Just wondering. Truth be told, it was an idle curiosity at best and most. I personally don't believe God pays much direct attention to this dust speck, much less the specks upon the speck. From Pakistan to torrential rains, ultimately it is just stuff that happens.

    I would love to visit your pub one day.

  8. yeah. looks like nice country..and WE, sure could use that rain, in THOSE PORTIONS....Stay outta trouble.

  9. H, glad you're ok and yes agree with you totally about the Pub

  10. Nothing like a good old Queensland flood ...

  11. Sadly, though you'd never know it from the media, there has been dreadful devastation out there. The woman on our western boundary has just been on the phone in tears - she and her husband have recently just bought a new place out near kin kin and she broke into sobs as she described her stock losses - only four out of a dozen brood mares and two foals survived, most of her drought master breeders and their new young bull who'd been hand reared and was pretty much a pet drowned or missing presumed drowned. Fences that had been there for forty years all flattened. They are just devastated. No other word for it, though it sounds cliched.