Monday, 6 April 2009

Drum roll please...

Here it is - the reason I've not been blogging for the past couple of months.
I've been working on this year's Reality Bites nonfiction literary festival up here on the Sunshine Coast, and it's been hoovering up all my spare time. 
So folks, if you see anything there that takes your fancy, a full season pass is only $150, or you can just get a weekend pass for $30. The pass is transferable, so if you can't go to everything, you can hand it to a friend or rellie.

Hope to see some of you there.


  1. Have to miss it i'm afraid Hughsey, but have no doubt it will run on wheels.. or should that be floats?

  2. Smokin Hot Line Up!

    Will book in time off this time.
    I still feel like a big fat slackarse for last time.

    Didja hear Bettina on Life Matters a while back? OMFG talk about honesty with a satin bow!

  3. Actually, it was BECAUSE I heard that program that I called up her publicist and she was, astonishingly, available! However, she is flogging her book.

    'Bout time we caught up anyways NB. What are you doing this Easter weekend? Feel like a bevvy on the verandah at Cooroy?

  4. Good lord - it's HUGE.

    As it happens we've been looking for an excuse to spend a weekend away sometime at roughly that time, to make use of a door prize I won at an IT event a few weeks ago, so that might fit quite well.

    Either way, I hope it's a spectacular success, since it looks like one already.

  5. That's great Damian. Still got to get teh bums on seats though - heading into a recession and all. Still, the tickets are reasonably priced, so we're hopeful of breaking even at least.

  6. Alas, ye be a wee bit far away..bugger, bugger bugger. NON Fiction hey. Guess there might be some similarities in all that about HAV..being real to the core and all.

    I guess you didn't get washed away either..thats a good thing

  7. Sory Highsey, Easter is out - holidays to ruin, tickets to hand out & Victorians to victimise - You know how it is.
    But I am dead set serious about booking some time off to get to the RB fest.

  8. Oooh I'm having visions of attending in that first weekend in August. It has the potential for quite the extravaganza... hearing JB talk, perving on Annabel Crabb and a long cassoulet lunch at Le Relais Bressan. Will have to check my uni timetable when they post it for 2nd semester.

    Oh and the link to the Butterfactory in the Venues page seems screwy, for your guide.

  9. It is pointless for me to even imagine attending. Distance renders even such a simple fantasy impossible to entertain.