Monday, 14 November 2011

Narcissus gold

Long stemmed roses are cool, but I'm of the opinion that the degree of difficulty involved in the gathering of a floral bouquet symbolic of ones love and devotion to one's partner earns extra points.

For example, these common, garden variety dam narcissus are extra beautiful because to gather them requires a dinghy, black oozing mud and the possibility of total immersion. To be able to turn up with an armful of these babies for your lover requires forethought and real effort.

As it turns out, G-Man was already in the dinghy re-anchoring a drifting pontoon on a friends dam a couple of days ago, and on his way back to shore I asked him to pluck a bunch of blooms for me. But now he knows that should he wish to impress or suck up to me, an armful of these pretty things will do the trick. Gold.

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  1. Those particular pretty things would be an addition anywhere.