Saturday, 20 February 2010

Off the fang; off my arse

Ergh. I'm on a mission thanks to bloody birmo and his health crusade.

20kg. Sheesh, I don't know how it happened seeing as I've made a point of not ever owning a set of scales. I've been going to see a naturopath to try to get some relief for hayfever - the drug solution doesn't work, so I'm looking outside western medicine for possibilities, and she weighed me. It was a bit of a shock to find that I weigh the same as the average A grade rugby leage player.

She has put me in a course of iodne to get my metabolism up, and I'm looking at a goal of 75kg. Going to have to cut out the booze, fags, fats, sugars and carbs and get off my fat backside and exercise. I guess must be a mid life crisis. The idea of turning fifty this year has put me into a bit of a tail spin. There's a whole pile of stuff I want to get done before I keel over, and if my parents are any indication of what I have to look forward to in my dotage - alheimer's, morbid obesity and diabetes - I've only got 20 years left, and only ten of those relaitvely healthy.

So, I'm going to try for twenty really good, mobile, intellectually sharp, fit years. Well, that's the plan, anyway.

OK Hughsey, off you go then, get off the bloody computer and hit that hill.


  1. Hey..Hughesy...DO IT!, just FKN DO IT. having said that, I suspect the FAGS will be the hard part and being a smoker I am not going to give any suggestions on that issue, BUT!.

    Its prolly what you already know, when the mind is at work, some part seems to forget about the bloody gaspers. the new job, well I'm down to One mid morning, maybe two at lunch time and one in the arvo..least ways till we start the treck home and on the way to work. Have Champix here in a packet and that leads me to the NEXT BIT.


    My GOAL is to gain between 5-10 Kgs and get back to me fighting weight post recruit training, 76 as a Min, given we are now 69 kgs. The thing is, I know the fitness is not what it could be, those gaspers are a big culprit, but given the shoulder injury and slightly rooted left knee, my options are limited, short of finding a chair and devouring all food within a 20m radius, NOT really the plan. Gotta think about how I am gunna do this, the off season with cricket should help.

    Get too it, I fully suspect you have the will power and a vicious enough streak to ensure NO shit comes from your ....other half .

    Best H

  2. FKN HELL HVK - you sound like a Nike Ad and BJ sounds like a self hel guru! lol.

    Gees - 69 kg - you must be one of those wrey little fellas. At 65 kg I was a 14 yr old stick insect with bones sticking out all over the place! I started swiming training - very fkn serious training - at age 8. I was going to be Shane Gould. Got up to state rep level but then I went to high school and came over all hormonal and suddenly boys got a whole lot more intereting than squad. There's only so many years you can plow up and down a pool and think its fun, anyway.
    But as a result of all that training I've got a set of shoulders and calves that could get me a place in the front row of the bloody bronkos.

    Thing that sshits me is that G-man is skinny as a rake and we have the same diet. He however, parols the compound on foot much of the time and is a fit as. Whereas my job involves spending many hours on my arse reading and writing, so I've got to make the time to exercise or reach for the lettuce leaf.

  3. Luck, Hughesy.

    Walking is really good.

  4. Good Luck, you don't need it but it's a nice thought anyway.

  5. Yeah, he IS a bastard. I'm looking towards 20kees too.

  6. Funny you mention the swimming, Boss lady did it competitively in her younger years...and yes, like you , she has a fkn mean set of shoulders, moves through the pool like a fkn outboard motor leaving me in her wake with little effort.

    I suspect a right cross from her would hurt just as much as

  7. Go for it, Hughesy! With the big response to the Burger Lite challenge, I've been starting to get a bit intimidated.

    So I hope to take courage from your determination!

  8. Ergh.
    Prolly won't last GC - you know how it is come that time of the month when only a chocolate pig out helps, but I did have an entire alcohol free day yeserday - and today by the looks of it -I forgot to put wine on the shopping list and G-man forgot to remember it. Weirdly, I dodn;t miss it (mainly because we generally drink plonk - what's to miss?)
    But thanks for the thoughts y'all.