Wednesday, 17 February 2010

G-Man's farming tip of the week

Allow at least three hours for a five minute job.


  1. ROFL Ain't that the truth.

    Missus to me:

    "Pete, can you please just quickly knock up a couple of panels between the wall and the corner of the new pen?"

    "Panels" being steel fence panels. Like thick wire. We use them from penning the babies goats. Wall to fence = 20 ft.

    Me to her:

    "Have we got spare panels?"

    Her: "You can use the ones from the old pen"

    Still standing, still bound together but clipped wire.

    Me: "Do we have wire?". For attaching panel to star pickets.

    Her: "Ummm don't think so". Need to buy some.

    Me: "Star pickets?".

    Her: "You could use those ones too". Been in the ground for 10 years. May as well have been concreted in.

    Spent the morning chasing crap up. Got the shits by lunch with the heat. Finished by lunch the next day.

  2. I have a theory about star pickets. Time seems to somehow weld them into the mineral fabric of the soil. Especially clay. Bastards.

    Yesterday's five minute job was to clear the hose that runs from the dam and feeds into a bath below the dam wall. It stops running once a year from accumulated dam slime and/or rats feasting on the plastic. (They seem to think plastic is one of the nmajor food groups).

    Yesterday, it reqired small dinghy fetched from the shed, check line - no, it's not the dam side, check line to bath - hmmm, not there either.

    He's just gone back this morning to rebury the lin he'd had to pull up to clear.

    Initially, a five minute job.

  3. Think you're right on the star pickets. lol on the job. Typical.

  4. The G Man is quick most five minute jobs take at least a day.

  5. Still more efficient that state government

  6. 25 years farming taught me a few things, the most valuable being: Planning day's work, double time allowed for each chore. Result? Same amount completed, half the frustration, many times more joy!