Monday, 22 February 2010

Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dine like a pauper

Since the start of this rediculous resolve to become fit and healthy - (ergh, just the thought of it conjures visions of lycra and bad sports wear choices) I've already reached obsessive compulsive disorder levels of concentration on the problem of "The 20 KG".

Breakfast is a big problem - I can't usually face food till about 11am, so as it is something I have to make myself remember to do, 'something eggy on toast' it is. And that slice of toast is the only bread of the day. We use that heavy as lead Essene bread made from sprouted wheat instead of the foam rubber variety. It is marginally more expensive than your toasty loaf of sourdough, but lasts for days in the fridge. Sprouted grains have much more vitamins etc than ground grains - which becomes a vegetable rather than a starch, and is much more easily digested.

I have to try to get the lunch thing together and make that the main meal of the day, or poor G-Man will keel over and waste away to nothing with me off the fang and not really prepared to go there with the two separate meals thing - we'll eat the same, I just won't have the spud - easy enough to resist - I don't really like them anyway, unless they are fried in duck fat which, sadly, will be a once in a blue moon occasion instead of every week since having discovered how to render the fat. So, red duck curry is on the special occasion menu only.

The thing I don't think I'll be able to survive without is rice, because stirfried anything is our staple diet, but a mate bought me a rice cooker and since then, it's so effective at fluffing brown rice up with steam, (I actually prefer brown to white - it tastes nutty and the texture is better) I only use a one and a half cup portion for the two of us, so nup - not going off rice - FK that. It is pretty much the only carb on the list, maybe a sweet potato occasionally. But I am going to cut down on the coconut milk - now it's going to be lite, and seriously diluted with home made stock, making my curries a lot wetter.

Never did do dairy much - but no yoghurt anymore. Or great lumpen slabs of cheese, dammit.

The garden has come back to life since the rain, so I'll have a supply of fresh F&V in about a month - so less trips to the supermarket and access to the row upon row of shite they disguise as food behind all that packaging.

And the fags. Substance replacement therapy. Water - great big gugly swigs of it to ward off the craving. Only lasts a couple of days anyway. Needing to actually breathe after the bike ride left me feeling like a complete loser.

And the booze. Seeing as I'm giving up fags that will have to go to, because of the association - my will power is just not strong enough to go off the fags and stay on the booze. They are blood brothers, and have to go together till the nicotine is out of my system. Then, no more CRAP booze, because with fifteen bucks a day extra in my pocket, I'm switching to the good gear.

Suggestions required - around the $20 - $30.

However, unless the tucker that is allowed is palatable, there is no way I'm going to be able to stick to this regime, so the philospophy is - breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dine like a pauper. Theoretically this should cut down the consumption of alcohol: a pauper's dinner isn't likely to justify a bottle of good wine, a prince may consume it at lunch time, but unlike us mere mortals, he rarely has anything to do for the rest of the afternoon, and even a king wouldn't consider a tipple with his Croque Madame!




  2. Prunes fill you up nicely too...and beneficial in the plumbing department...but then you can't trust a skinny person :D

    I thought you already gave up the fags mate?

  3. I have no trouble giving up Nat - it's staying off the bastard that's the trouble.

    Moko - They are poisonous after all - nightshade - but I do eat them - especially when fried in duck fat!

  4. Must not, I repeat, must not give up a glass of red or two. You will die of cancer in a week without the antioxidants! Trust me! Smokes are easy. Just imagine Philip Morris CEO sitting there counting his billions, feel the hate and scream "FK you and your addicitve shit! You're not getting any more of my money!"

  5. mmmmmmmmm...duckfat......croque madame.....mmmmmm (you have very french tastes, you must get over here immediately and I'll help you drink some fine wines)

  6. MOKO..I did a big WTF myself when i read THE FK can you NOT love spuds...with butter, with sauce and and ..oh well, hell, I know. I cant go nuts here.

    Good job..sounds like its going well, but tough as well. NO BOOZE and NO FAGS..I suspect I would kill some fkr in about ten seconds.

    Keep at it,

  7. Still haven't had a drink. FKN amazing. However, the fags are proving more difficult to dislodge - have a girlfriend staying and she's a smoker and man, it makes it dificult to get over that first couple of days. A week in Adelaide at a non-smoking hotel will help.

  8. You're brave, trying to give up everything at once. Good for you. Know I couldn't do it! Be strong, and best of luck!

  9. green tea is full of anti-oxidants, and no calories unless you add stuff.
    I have an array of herbal teas lying around and that gets me through the evening.

    Rosehip is nice, with a bit of honey, in the evening.
    Next time you are in west end, duck (quack) into the green grocer and sniff out the FLP - fennel, licorice and peppermint tea. Its a nice one for after a meal, too. Good digestive as well.

    The thing about alcohol, is if you can reduce it to just on weekends - and just a glass or two - you're nixing a shirtload of calories from your diet.

    The other thing that I slipped into as a youngster was the 6 small feeds per day. It doesn't suit everyone but it's one of those things, people that eat smaller portions but eat regularly tend to have more stable blood sugar than if you do the big Lion Feed.

  10. Try oats for breakfast, too.
    Not those crappy instant ones but good, biodynamic oats from the health food store. There's a reason they feed them to racehorses.
    They are full of vitamin B and thus good for the brain and the nervous system, and being a good source of fibre they should help to keep you full for a while and stabilize your blood sugar levels. You can add slices of banana or sultanas or such to the mix for sweetening. A cup or so of milk on top of it won't hurt you and those skinny cow versions can often be a bit low on calcium.
    At our age, we need our calcium.

    Remember to keep your fluids up in the morning - drink a few glasses of water or herb tea in the morning before you eat, much of your hunger is dehydration from 8 hours or so without fluids.

    I've found that starting with the oats, and then when the mid morning hunger hits, go the Whole Grain Lead Weight Bread with cottage cheese, black pepper, greens and slices of baby tomato.

    The bloke just interupted me to drag me out back, where we can heard the AccaDacca Concert at Chandler. FK me. We are 3km south of the CBD.
    gotta go.
    Getting subliminal messages that I need to go a long way to the shop for a bloody sausage roll.