Thursday, 3 September 2009

Garden devastation


Everything, well, everything soft green and tasty, has been chewed down to the stalk. Cabbages, caulis, lettuce and a whole bed of seedlings - shredded. And I know who it is too - the bloody mini-pecks. They've never done it before, and I've had them for six years. Why now? Suddenly their dietary preference includes human food.

They are in serious danger of becoming human food themselves if they don't cut it out.

One more week of running about like a screaming banshee, brandishing dangerous garden weaponry, and that's it. If they fail to cease and desist, they are up for the chop.


  1. At least you've got that option. Try using that approach on a plague of goddam grasshoppers...

  2. I've read that they're edible - stirfry I reckon. With lots of chilli and garlic.

    Just about anything is edible with enough chili and garlic.

  3. Speaking of cabbages and caulis....mine are going off! The Pee-Wees even eat the white cabbage butterflies for me. Sorry to hear about the devastation. You've come a long way Hughesy...your beloved mini-pecks on a plate!

  4. You could prep them like quail over a bbq

  5. I'll just get my knife and fork.

  6. that would be a splade under current circumstances wouldn't it JB?