Tuesday, 19 October 2010

On the road

I don't think one can ever do too many book tours - especially all singing all playing book tours!
If you're near one of the Sunshine Coast libraries, come along.


  1. darn. I am in the opposite direction!!

  2. Nevermind Maggs. When we hit the big time, we'll come to a library near you ! Heheh.

    You can do one thing though - request that your library get a copy of Geoff's book in. Then they'll have to buy it in!

    Here's the details:

    Poetry, Memoir | 9780975186206 | July 2010 | B format paperback + double CD set of recordings in limited edition of 100, signed and numbered boxed set | $60 | Author Location: Sunshine Coast.

  3. Bah! damn your parochialism, why don't you come to the west?!!!

    Typical east coast cultural snobbery!