Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Fioretti in pastelli

For the last month or so zucchini have been bearing. I reckon you could  live on these babies, given enough garlic, olive oil, butter, salt and pepper, onions and eggs. Frittata is its own food group.

The secret of cooking frittata is to use a heavy pan on top of the flame, then when you see steam coming from beneath the egg mixture, transfer the pan to beneath a grill to cook the top to a golden brown.

There will be a few more weeks of fresh flowers too. Dipped into a batter made with flour and water the consistency of double cream, deep fried in a hot wok of half olive, half vegetable oil and served hot with a good mayonnaise, they are a delicious strictly seasonal treat. As with tempura batter, make sure you use iced water which ensures that the batter will be crisp.

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  1. Jesus Chris, that looks good.

    I am gonna grow me some zucchini next spring.