Sunday, 25 September 2011


My lemon crop is in. Great yellow globes of delicious Villa Francas. They are enormous this year with all the rain just at the right moment for this particular variety. One of those babies is the size of a softball.

I'd just opened the last bottle of cordial from the back of the cupboard, so that needed replacing, and that lemon cake, while not on the diet, like the lemon butter, makes excellent gift/bribe/inkind payment tender.

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  1. Normally, I do not suffer Lemon Jealousy. Normally, my five lemon trees are quietly groaning under loads of fresh, tasty, delicious lemons - too many for me and my family.

    This year, some kind of godsfucked bird has stripped the rind off all but a very few. Has to be a bird, not a possum, because even the slender, delicate branches weren't broken. But I never once managed to catch sight of the culprit.

    Apparently, my neighbour down the hill has had a similar experience. It would appear I'm going to have to start netting my trees. Bah!