Thursday, 31 March 2011


Going to be in this new regional litfest at the end of April. Taking Geoff and we're going to do the hilbilly floor show for the good folks of Gloucester. Never been there before and really looking forward to it. Especially the road trip. Another one! Woohoo.

Anyhoo - go here to check it out.


  1. How exciting :) looks like an interesting event and Gloucester is supposed to be a really pretty region. Hope you have fun ;)

  2. Hello there, I wasn't sure where to leave this message in the hope that you would read it. I have just finished reading your book......I am sad to have finished it because for the last three days I have felt like I was with you on your farm and sharing your adventures...I am from the country and living in suburbia with my husband and two boys. We are about to sell our little house and have come to a cross road in our lives where I am dreaming of something better. I am 39, a teacher and my husband is an artist....I could draw so many parallels with your story. You have awakened a yearning that I have and have also been trying to ignore. I dream about escaping this version of our lives and hope for something better for my boys. Perhaps the childhood I so sorely miss. Thank you with all my heart for sharing your story, it made me laugh, cry and hope again. When we do take the giant leap into the unknown I will send you a little message to tell you we did it. Warmly, Alison xxx

  3. OOwah! You just made me cry!

    Do it sooner rather than later. It will be the best day's work you ever do. Get as far away from the city as you can, but one word of advice - rent for at least a year before you buy.