Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Kindle surprise

Check it out!!! Kindle edition of the book! Who'd have thought?
Amazon can let you have a copy for under $10 - no post and handling. 


  1. With Borders and A & R going under, does that mean I now need a kindle?

  2. Boo fkn hoo for the book chains. I've got as much sympathy for them as I would if Coleworths or Gloriabucks were to go broke. Borders and A&R never lost any sleep over the number of indy bookshops they put to death. The model was never going to work out in this small market. I'm only surprised it took this long.

  3. Careful hughesy, you'l have GERRY...FKNHARV's screaming again, and I dont like that fkr at all.

  4. Tried to post a comment last weekend and wasn't able to, so let's see how we go this time!

    YAY! Next title for my Kindle.