Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Those water guys in charge of releases at Wivenhoe dam  during the Brisbane flood crisis must have been SHITTING themselves.

The following four photos show how quickly the floods happened on a farm at Helidon on Monday 10.01.2011.

There has never been water on this cultivation before. Lockyer Creek runs behind the cultivation.
The farm is upstream from Grantham which got the full force of this creek, and another creek (Flagstone Creek) which joins into it just  before Grantham.

Check out the time stamp on the photos


  1. shhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

  2. When I say 'never been water on the cultivation before' - obviously, it has flooded like this before, otherwise, there'd be no cultivation there at all, because it is is floods like this that make the river flats fertile.

    Obviously, never in that particular farmer's memory.

  3. That probably pit the rate of rise more into perspective than just about anything else I have seen to date!

  4. They did an amazing job matching the inflow to the rate of release. Although, at that stage I think they were letting it go as fast as possible. The gates were full open there for a while. That was the point at which the dam became a river again. Still - controlled release of the flood was much preferable to the damaging sudden rise and fall of the wave that would have hit Brisbane otherwise. But really, dam's can only mitigate - they can't prevent flooding.

  5. Hi hughsey. Is it possible to get some higher res versions of the pics above? I've sent you a PM on weatherzone.