Monday, 29 November 2010

Healthy Hughesy

Didn't think it was ever going to happen, but I'm now looking forward to the pool.

No, really! Since recovering from that nasty bout of chest infection, I've persisted and am now really liking the feeling of water rushing past me as I plough through it. The trainer is terrific and pushes ever so gently. She has one of those personalities that make you want to achieve  and push yourself just that little bit further and harder, just because she wants you to.

Today was butterfly and I actually made a whole length without stopping - 16 times! Sure, it was only 25m, with flippers, but still. You try it. It is a bloody long way when you're 50, over weight and just off the tail end of 35 years of chain smoking!

And, best of all, I've busted through the 90 kg barrier (lost 4kg) and am at that fantastic stage where excess weight is just sliding off. Sadly, it appears to be pooling round my arse on its way, but a heartening hint of muscle is peeking out from beneath the layer of blubber. My current goal is to be able to push off and NOT see the subcutaneous flesh on my arms rippling.

Aside from the swimming season membership, I've lashed out and bought myself a pair of runners. It's about twenty years since I owned a pair of proper comfy sport shoes and now that I've parted with cash, I'm going to get my money's worth. Went to one of those horrible sporty shops full of horrible sporty things, and found a nice girl who sold me a pair of men's shoes - much better option for a girl who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks and wore bare feet to school. Added to that, a pair of 1kg weights and an elastic band thingie with a DVD to show me how to use it and I'm all set.

Yesterday I took  the plunge - an hour walking up over heartbreak hill and down to the end of the road carrying the weights, snug in my new shoes. Now I'm kind of muscle sore, but not so bad I need to be reaching for the epsom salts. It's that nice feeling of having done something with your body, rather than that  call an ambulance feeling. And weirdly, in spite of being off the fang, I'm not actually hungry.

Added to that, I've been off the booze for few of weeks, and watching portion control and have set my controls for the heart of the sun - 65kg here I come.

Have to go there. No slacking off this time. Have just discovered a shit and buggery health issue which I'm determined to cure with health rather than reaching for the drugs. Nothing serious (unless I leave it go). So, the party really is over, dammit.

Lucky I went hard while I had the chance.



  1. Good on ya. Great way to start the holidays. Here we've just bought an exercise bike - the kind you sit back in, in a proper seat, so A is safe! (He can't go out along the road unaccompanied.) And yesterday we both gave up coffee, something I've wanted to do for a while. Recent ABC program (was it Health Report?) provided the final incentive. Keep up your good work. And did you know Eden Hospital (in Cooroy) has a good deal on exercise programs? You buy 10 sessions which you take when it suits (they make their gym available on set days at set times). A physio will help plan your program, and a big plus: none of those well oiled exercise freaks as companions, just friendly old geezers who make your efforts look great!

  2. The party has just begun, young lady. Just you watch.

  3. Good one Hughsey, but just promise me you won't turn into one of the health nazis eh?Now that you're not smoking you'll find exercise much easier.

  4. Nu uh, see Chartreus's comment above - I am sooooo joining that gym. I'll be a veritable supermodel in that company! Practically jail bait.

  5. Last time I saw you, the improvements had begun to show and I did wonder what you had been up to... great you are off the smokes too. Next step 50m butterfly at the veterans games?

  6. I think I'll wait till I'm 80, Stafford - less competition.

  7. There is a great story on swimming by Kate Jennings in the latest Monthly - well worth a read.