Monday, 8 February 2010

Amamoor Amore

Spent the weekend up at Amamoor, south west of Gympie. Friends own a sprawling property bordering state forest, way way up the top of the Amamoor Ck valley, and what a spectacular place it is, surrounded by wild bushland out in the middle of nowhere.

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The view from the house overlooks chiarscuroed mountain ranges with a boulder strewn creek running down below. On the Saturday night the sky was clear, with low cloud rolling in from the north east, but by late in the evening, it started to rain - and rain - and rain. Then all day Sunday it rained full on and the creek came up. The plan for the weekend was to walk the beautiful creek bed, climbing staged levels of gentle cascades and crystal clear rocky pools, but by the time the party set off, the cascades had turned into raging torrents and thundering waterfalls.

G-Man, wary of breaking a limb or worse decided not to risk it and walked back to the house to where I was. I had completely chickened out because I had hayfever and an ear full of fluid that was bound to affect my balance. No rock hopping for me. But the others did it.

On the way back they checked out the creek crossing at the entrance to the property and found it way too deep to drive out, so we had to sit out a second night. Thankfully we'd overcatered for one overnight BBQ and breakfast the follwing day, but the smokers were afraid - supplies had dwindled. By morning the creek had gone down a little, but certainly not enough to cross with my tiny little 4x4 Vitara, so it is stil there. We have to go back Wed to collect it if the rain stops.

It was pretty hairy - the road crosses the creek 13 times - most of them just concrete fords. The deepest was half a metre - no way my car would have got through - and it's on loan from a friend - not even mine!

But man, it was bloody exciting. Wonderful weekend. Thanks guys.


  1. What a great weekend, hope the hayfever and ear full of fluid has cleared up.

  2. Yes - I guess it was a psychosomatic reaction to terror! Right as - um - rain, now.

  3. sounds great- extreme weather is always good for group bonding...I saw that that part of oz had major rain this weekend...

    your friends' place looks like absolute paradise

  4. so you could shoot off the front porch and stalk the creek bed, when its not flooded of kinda property.

    good call on the vitara...when in doubt..stay out, its simply not worth it, unless of course the vehicle blongs to say....the army, then...go for it.

    glad the bodys functions are back to normal too

  5. Indeed HVK - there is a shooting range just across the creek! Just your kind of place.

    G-Man is currently there now picking up the car now the water has gone down.

  6. Nice one Hughesy.
    Can't imagine you as a hand flapper & knuckle chewer.
    It has to come out somewhere. Your ear eh? well that's a tad odd but better than heroin.

  7. Can't think of one single good reason to give up a pefectly good life in persuit of a cheap thrill, certainly not in pouring rain. I'm built for comfort - not speed. (Unless it's high grade pure.)