Thursday, 17 December 2009

Right on cue

Well done nana McHugh.

There's another six parked beneath her fuggy feathery fluff.

Got home from the Burger Brisneyfest to find G-Man covered in mud - again. He'd just dragged another cow out of the sludge. Got to somehow entice them out of that paddock and back to the lean pickings of our fields. The only grass we have left is bladey grass, which they hate - very sharp on the tongue - but sprayed with molassas it transforms into cow candy.

He's currently up in the container paddock with a box full of sprinkler fittings, lengths of ag pipe and a pump setting up a watering system to try to get something ANYTHING growing.


  1. rainy fertilizer thoughts to you...hope things get humid soon...

  2. Oh... bladey grass is NASTY. Poor cows!

    It's still raining here, so I think you folks may be in for a bit of a late wet season.

  3. Yes - they are the only patches of growth, or rather, the only grass the poor beggars haven't chomped down to the roots. G-man is slowly eradicating them, but still a few persistent patches remain.

    Damn, the feral weather patterns. Still, the big dams still have water. Apparently, some forty years ago we had a similar pattern and they were right down to a puddle. Fingers crossed it's not another one of THOSE years.

  4. How cute. obviously it''ll look better in a few mote months cooked over the BBQ!

    Sending lots of rain wishes your way.