Sunday, 4 January 2009

Taking in the Trash

I feel like a survivor of a plane crash wandering around in a bit of a daze, trying to find other survivors (thank god you're OK bedak! And the rest of you). Whew.

Still, no blogging for a bit freed up an enormous amount of time to do other things - like catching up on a bit of white-bread trashy (author's own description) novel reading.

It's by Adelaide author Kirsty Brooks - 'The Vodka Dialogue'. Not generally the kind of thing I read, but you do have to love this stuff told with flashing wit and page turning deftness of plotting.

God love her little cotton sox! Wish I knew how to do that. You can make a living out of writing if you have her knack for character and dialogue. Girls (and boys, if you want to earn a big hobby badge) - run out and get yourself (or the missus) a Kirsty Brooks, with the optional extra of a crowd-pleaser bar of chocolate. This gear is a dead-set winner for those couple of days a month when really, reading gorgeous sassy trashy tit lit is ALL you want to do. (And eat chocolate).


  1. ok, can't say i am into tit lit tash, but the chockie sound waaaay bloody good.


  2. Where's the chocolate?

    Hughsey this site is fab. i recoken that H and I may have to send you some dollars for your professional advice before year end!!!

  3. Hey Chaz - yeah, I think I like it more than the JSpace site. Simplicity. That is the key.

  4. Sounds like the exact sort of stuff my wife loves to read. She puts down 3 or 4 novels per week.

    Funny, how can one read lovey-dovey stuff and not be a romantic? Well, that's my wife.

    Perhaps, that's why we're gettin' divorced?

    Of course, I'm assuming tit lit means trashy romance novel? lol

  5. Like the first episode of Lost - watch out for the still running turbofan jet engine - what a silly idea.

    Well here I am...

    Sound off... from the left.

  6. Founded you. ~~sigh~~ Happy New Year my friend. I gave upo chocolate before Christmas but everyone else in this household seems to think it cures everything... Maggs