Saturday, 3 January 2009

Review of the book by Chaz 20/10/08

Well I finally managed to get to read Hughseys classic last week and finished it yesterday.

Now 'Country Diary of an Edwardian lady" it is not, but i think you're faily safe in the knowledge that it only makes the book better!

Hughsey's misadventures out in the sticks near Noosa playing the Good Life ,could be seen as a great ideal, but in her usual way Hughsey paints it well and shows that making such a tree change is very hardwork. It was also interesting reading in more detail what Hughsey has put in her blog.

The work highlights what I love most about Hughsey.. her emotion, passion and humanity. Oh and her appreciation of the grape!

The use of language is wonderful and the poetry is just icing on a very well constructed cake.

Hughsey if you happen to read this, a suggestion. Write about the problems with education and health out your way in depth, I'm certain there will be a market for it.  Someone has to highlight the problems that face the kids and sick outside of the gleaming spires of our cities.

In short a nice little piece that helps build on the mythos surrounding the chicken lady of Noosa!

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