Monday, 17 August 2009

Regional Writes

Anna Bligh and Bob Abbot, in their infinite wisdom, have seen fit to stick their hands in our pocket to grant the necessaries to have me appointed Writer-in Residence of the new Cooroy Library for the next 5 months. (Thanx for the support JB).

Of course, this means I'll be even busier than a blue-arsed fly and unlikely to have much time to speak with you guys, but I'll be lurking.

Best thing about it is that half the time I'm employed to work on my very own writing, and won't have to go and enroll in a barrista course or pull beers to to make ends meet - which is very cool.

So - here's a heads up for local (Sunshine Coast Region) authors. There is to be a mentorship program. If you know anyone with a MS in their bottom drawer who could use some help to polish it up, let 'em know. They can contact me through the blog for now, but it all goes public 22 August.


  1. Wonderful news Hughesy.

  2. Irritatingly, I can't find your email address Hughesy.

    I'll happily glance over that appraisal MS for you. Four or five chapters won't take me more than an hour or two, both reading and writing up an appraisal.

    You can zap me the MS (rtf please? I can handle .doc, sure, but I use Open Office, and sometimes there are odd clashes, especially if the author has used draft-tracking) at flinthartas at yahoo dot com

  3. Hughsey thats such good news. of course you will retain your integraty and still feel free to criticise Capt Blight, right?

  4. Chaz, me? Criticise?

    Actually, I'm really looking forward to it.
    It's a bloody big privilege and a buzz to teach people who really want the information you have to share with them.

  5. You need to polish your halo a bit dear.

    Again well done. hard but satisfying work

  6. Congratulations! This is great news for you and maybe for me and other local writers too.

    Does this mean that you will read and critque the first page of my travelogue. It is online here:

    I also have a page for literary agents:

    I have finished a 76,000 word work of mainstream adult fiction and would love you to read the first chapter.

    I'm so excited about this opportunity and look forward to hearing from you and meeting you.

    Many thanks and good luck with your latest writing projects!

  7. PS. Since you are a JB fan I think you'll like this article I wrote in which he has a starring role:)