Sunday, 9 December 2012

Breakfast with Boylan

 They came.
 They met the owner of the property

They BBQ'd,

In formation.

 They ate bugs thanks to Nowhere B, and country bacon and eggs thanks to me.

A pleasure to finally meet. (Esp Boylan's much better half and spectacularly beautiful son!)


  1. And what a lovely time we had, too. Nothing is perfect, Annette, but what you and G-Man have crafted gets mighty close.

    Well, perfect is not for those FKN neighbors and their "construction"....

  2. Argh! It's nearly finished. Just the driveway to pour, and erection of the wildly ridiculous driveway entrance which just screams, 'I have more money than sense - rob me now!'

  3. If that happens, I had nothing to do with it.