Monday, 10 September 2012

I'm Banksy

Really - I am in this photowork. 
Me and G-Man are in it. Been so damned busy I forgot this was coming out.

Lovely work. Go check it out.

In visual response - Went to the Noosa Show and recorded this. It cut up nicely into a video for a new release song. It won't be up for long - go check it out.

Hey Kimbo - nice one. Congratulations.


  1. Oh, I don't find it oddly disturbing? You aren't the emotional boss of me.

    Although it did, indeed, appeal to the empathy I feel for my fellow humans. So you do have me on that point.

    But that doesn't make you the emotional boss of me, okay? That's my wife's job.

  2. LOL Thanks A.

    I find it oddly odd ... oddly enough!

    It's "Street Art" MAAAN, a post-post-modern, cool, hipster, graff, "piece" and a few other fashionable words (that escape me right at this moment of my dotage.)