Monday, 9 April 2012

Reading Room


Now that the cello has it's own personal accommodation, there's no need for the box G-man had built to house it in the back room. And since the studio has had to move upstairs due to flooding from the big wet, we need a new guest room. It's just too much of a pain in the arse to keep movingthe studio back and forth and besides, the white ants have been dining on the window frames, so it's all got to be pulled apart anyway.

So now, the back room, once just a corridor and general junk room on the way to the toilet, is a rather lovely writing, reading and general contemplation of the garden room.

From the table which hinges back against the wall when we need the room for visitors, I can see the goanna coming for eggs and head him off at the pass. I can watch the girls fighting, fluffing and scruffling dust through their feathers. I can write my garden diary from this vantage and see the slow progression of growth mexican-wave its way across the beds.

Now there's somewhere to rest a glass of red in the afternoon and just read an honest to god book with covers and an ISBN number, like the books you can see in the photo. Mark Tredinnick's Little Red Writing Book and Little Green Grammar Book are bliss if you are a lover of the English language  He is an eloquent writer on words and they are an essential part of a writer's tool kit.

Pretty sweet spot, eh?

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