Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Finally, the dogs are barking it on the radio now - here comes the recession we've been trying to paper over for the past couple of years. The GFC was never the coming economic shit-storm it should have been. Now, no amount of freshly minted paper is going to ward off the inevitable.

1930s moment indeed.

Like Iran cares that they are being sanctioned by Western nations about to go down the gurgler.

Thinking now might be a good time to learn Mandarin.

Chart courtesy Urban Survival.


  1. You mean you didn't pick up a phrase or two when Gough and Jimmie Cairns had it floated through the school currculum way-back-when???

    You should be okay. You have animals, grow some veges and are close to water (a re you underwater yet?) and have practised cooking strange native animals.. you are all set!!!

  2. I listen to the teev, the radiona dn online etc..amazes me how financial people TALK themselves into all kinda of shit!. The retards like Greece etc, who are, as far as I am concerned financially irresponsible should be fenced off, gun boats put in the water etc. Problem with that is..its muppets further up the food chain which are always the issue ..THINK CAUSE!. they, thats financial persons ( think gummit fkrs ) should be SHOT!.

    BUT..thats not the reason I popped in my dear..I do so like the new avatar shot!..well, its NOT an avatar, the photo is rather good though.

    have a great Australia Day.



  3. I am a Greek gummit fkr, and I say no, YOU should be shot! But not in a a way that would endanger your life. That would be wrong. Perhaps you should be shot in the meaty part of one of your legs.

    I like the new avatar too. Very fetching.

  4. Keep it to yourself Greek gummit fkr. You clearly don't realize that Havock is a god and Hughsey is a goddess. Do NOT fuck with these people, or my operatives will find you.