Thursday, 22 December 2011

Old dog, new trick

This is about as much fun as you can have standing up, here in Queensland - leading the way in huntin', shootin' and 'tootin'. Archery! Who knew?

The range is out in a pretty spot of bush just south of Nambour. They do a training course: for twenty bucks the club trainer introduces you to the bow, teaches you all the safety you need to know, and enough technique to get you incredibly accurate after three days. Only an hour and a half each morning.

Thing that surprises me is the lack of women doing the sport. I'd have thought that with the cult of Diana and all, or at least the whole medieval goth thing that at least a few girlies would have picked up a bow. I guess they just don't teach the classics anymore.

Very pleasing result.
The club calls itself the Sunshine Coast Bowmen. Very cool.


  1. Oh yes. Archery is incredibly satisfying. It is visceral and spiritual. I know you have no qualms about dispatching animals for nutritional purposes, so I highly recommend bow hunting.

  2. Looks like a lovely area to practice.

  3. They have a range set up a bit like a golf course, but it's targets lurking amongst the trees. I am going to join to do my hunting proficiency certificate. Apart from anything else, the bush craft is worth picking up.

  4. How did you find drawing the bow?

  5. I remembered your comment about getting your bow in 3 days and here you are a month later in a club shooting apples off kids heads!

    I recently found a club near here that does the 3D target stuff and I'm going to get on to them in January.

  6. Looks like a real zen activity; lets plan on a trip to the school next week when we are back