Sunday, 13 November 2011

Roast Turkey

It's not easy to get turkey during the year unless you grow your own. It only comes into the supermarket frozen about this time of year, and I'm seriously considering firing up the deep freeze, seeing as we now have free power courtesy of the sun, and fill it up with turkey. I grabbed a leg/thigh and cooked it last  night. Made it up as I went along, and I have to say, if came out rather well.

Dry meat and rub with olive oil, S&P and heaps of fresh thyme.
Place into a roasting pan and cover with strips of bacon (kept in place with toothpicks)
Peel as many (whole) small onions as will fit into the roasting dish with the turkey and pile them in.
Put the roast into a fairly hot oven and start it cooking.

Prepare stock - enough to be 1 cm deep int he roasting pan, from chicken stock, a tsp of tomato pure, small carrot, celery and onion. (Take the vegetables out, and about halfway through the cooking of the roast, pour into the pan.

The dish is ready when the flesh is soft and the juices clear.

Delicious. The onions should be soft and sweet, and served with the juices in the bottom of the pan. You may need to pour off fat if your turkey is fattty. Served with pan fried zucchini and potatoes baked in cream.


  1. Why not raise a gaggle of your own - then kill them and THEN freeze them? You seem well-suited to do so.

    Fresh, free range turkey (especially from Heritage breeds) is deliciously distinct from any other previously living protein source (aka "meat").

  2. Tried that. The turkey fell hopelessly in love with G-Man - followed him around the farm in relentless pursuit of weird bird-man love. I just get too jealous. It's bad enough with the outrageous emotional demands of Mr Duck!

  3. Besides, you know how big those suckers get! Megafauna! Let someone else who can get their feed wholesale feed the buggers I reckon.

  4. Here I am on pre-wedding ( daughter's not mine ) diet at before 7am reading this before I eat my fruit salad breakfast and throw my salad together (literally) before I hoof it out the door and into the CBD for wage slavedom, and I find I am hungry. Yum!! I love turkey!

  5. Maggs - Me too.

    Hughesy - They have been bred to grow big real fast. You are supposed to kill them before they get too big - which, as you point out, is freakishly large. I cannot help you with your problem of getting emotionally attached to your meat animals. I really can't: I have no feelings. Occupational hazard.

  6. Speaking of turkey, if you raise a gaggle and kill said game, I would purchase.

  7. Really? Goodness, it never occurred to me I could take poultry orders through the blog.

    Hmmm. How do you feel about duck? That flock is further advanced.

  8. Do you ship overseas?

  9. Boylan - food miles, man! Have you any idea how large that carbon footprint would be? We have a carbon tax here, my man!