Saturday, 5 November 2011

November Garden Notes

Rain. Leaden November skies and Jacaranda blanketing everything. It is the anniversary of Joe's passing. Two years already. I swear, time is going faster the older I get.

Have begun planting out basil seedlings direct into bed 1. Should be ready to cut by the time the chooks go on.

Potted rosellas for a commercial planting,broccoli, Queensland Blue pumpkins, and pigeon pea to plant along fenceline.

Planted today, favourable moon for flowering annuals into punnets:
2 x Pumpkin - turkish turban clear patch at bottom of front garden for pumpkin.
2 x Green sprouting clabrese for spotting in chook beds
2 x Rockmelon bottom of garden north end.
2 x Lebanese Zucchini for spotting in chook beds
2 x rainbow chard for spotting in chook beds
2 x warpaint watermelon for bed 4 to replace bokchoy
3 x sunray bush bean for spotting in chook beds
2 x nero kale for spotting in chook beds

1 x silverbeet - previously failed to germinate
2 x button squash - previously failed to germinate

Geoff has repaired the seedhouse. It was falling down around my ears, but now it is sturdy.

I sooooo get the guy and his shed thing.


  1. Sounds like a delicious assortment- I never knew vegetables had such quirky names :)

  2. Absolutely. There is a whole world of produce you'll never see in the supermarket. Check out the varieties at