Thursday, 10 November 2011

Crystal balls and goats guts

Ok, so I'm a prepper. I didn't know there was an official word for it till recently, but yes, I admit it, I am one of those people who always has a cupboard full of supplies. I think I was originally freaked out by that Old Mother Hubbard nursery rhyme - struck by the pathetic image of her hungry doggy peering into the bare cupboard. Or perhaps I've just been too close to too many floods, cyclones and bush fires over the years.

Storm bunker under the house is ready and waiting for the forth coming cyclone season. The garden is dug with drains and the beds built up so they don't get soggy and drown everything. I'm just putting finishing touches to the first aid kit and bagging up dry clothing and sleeping bags etc etc

But this year, I'm considering extending my normal preparations to include preparations for The End of Western Capitalism as well. Storm is one thing, fire is scary, but the unfolding train wreck of TEWC  is white knuckles all the way down. You don't need crystal balls and goats guts to know this cannot end well. Greece, now Italy, soon France and then massive deflation of all world currencies on the heels of the crash of the USD.

Of course, I could be wrong, and I have to admit to a teensy touch of Shadenfreud at the thought of all those greed heads coming unstuck, but to wish something like what I fear is ahead on ordinary folk would be obscene. I won't be surprised by full-on horror; domestic unrest, riots, murderous attacks on young protesters, food shortages, mass unemployment and homelessness, forced labour camps and all manner of hand to hand combat amongst the population for scarce resources.

You certainly wouldn't want to be anywhere near a large city as this unfolds. Once the people realise that the government only has the interest of its financial backers at heart, and not them, it's going to get ugly. Sooner (rather than later, I reckon early next year) the meltdown will transform into economic apocalypse, when the great sweaty masses will see their capitalist overlords for the thieving scum they really are.

And then, of course, being so far up the US's arse, Australia will follow - probably not into quite the viciousness of the US. For starters, we are not all armed. But if you live in a city and wake up to find your dollar is now only worthless paper with neither buying nor intrinsic value, and anyway, there's bugger all to buy with it because we can't afford imports, or fuel to get produce to markets and a host of other downer effects of fiscal collapse, it will make the post-flood skirmishes up here at supermarkets look like a toddler's tiff.

Last night I attended a town meeting to decide what the community would spend the Bendigo Community Bank profits on. A young social worker stood up and asked for housing for single men. He told us there is NOTHING on the Sunshine Coast for homeless men. So, you know what they are doing? They give them a tent and send them bush. Welcome 'jolly' swagmen! Already!

So, how does one prep for such a thing? You can't hoard enough stuff - it'll take at least ten years for the world to recover from this pending disaster. It's skills, I reckon. Skills you can barter, or just practice so you don't need to spend money. Geoff has carpentry and a stash of tools - that is always useful, but me? Sheesh, there's not going to be a lot of call for readers and writers. I can teach, but not if the Govt's cupboards are bare - they are laying off public servants left right and centre as we speak. I have my garden and can cook, I can cut patterns and sew - my mother learned that at her mother's knee following the last great depression.

But for now - all is calm, all is bright. Mrs Duck is nesting again, Nana is about to sit on a new clutch of eggs, and our music is sounding amazing. That is my secret weapon - if all else fails, there's always a need for entertainment.


  1. Crikey Hughesy, that's a bit apocalyptic!
    Although my Mum (who's also on the Sunny Coast) has a strong feeling that we should definitely not have all our assets held with the banks over the next year or so.

    I don't want to be the grasshopper whistling through summer while the ants prepare for winter, but I don't foresee it getting as bad as all that. I agree there is a good chance of major changes, as Europe seems to be struggling to get a handle on the debt problem and China aren't gonna be the world's bankers forever...

  2. I agree with you. But my survival strategy involves determining how to make money from the crash. One person's End of the World is another person's shining opportunity to get ahead. For example, where many people are stockpiling canned goods, I am stockpiling can openers.

  3. *Clicking of needles*
    K1, P1, K1, P2

    Off with Boylan's head!

    Timmo: Always, always always, listen to your mother!

  4. I remember demos like the invasions of the financial district around about the time Nixon was in charge Stateside, and around 1975 as a flow on (between 73 and 75 in fact. I wonder. *pssssssssttttt* I have always had a stock of survival supplies at the ready... and I rotate the canned goods..

  5. Rotating canned goods is a huge waste of time and effort. What does it matter which side of the can is front and center? I feel silly doing it. Turning and turning and turning cans, and for what?