Saturday, 5 November 2011


I swear, this is the best season ever for the garden. It's usually so hot by now that everything gets singed and wilts, but this spring has been mild - still cool in the mornings. Geoff gets up early to take advantage of the cool to work out in the paddocks, so when he gets back he's ravenous, and I cook breakfast. Eggs usually, and recently, inspired by the bounty of greens in the garden, I've taken to making omelettes and stuffing them full of whatever looks delectable.

This morning I found a brand new English spinach - last of the season - hiding under a zucchini leaf. A fist full of beans and baby zucchini and chopped corianda. Sweet chilli sauce and tamari for dipping. Who'd have thought - vegetables for breakfast?

Better live it up, seeing as there may be an asteroid landing in the Pacific next week. Apparently, the US government will be doing an 'exercise' offshore to 'test' their warning systems. They will be taking over all telecommunications in the US to tell everyone "This is a test."

I LOVE conspiracy theories, as you know. The madder the better. It's kind of like a hobby, following their paranoia. My absolute favourite is Half Past Human. Very interesting guy. The other one is George Ure's Urban Survival for an amusing take on the world of finance. Anyway, here's the sub-text of the 'test message', according to George:

"This is a test of the emergency action notification system.  This is only a test.  In the event of a real emergency, you would be buried in rubble, drowning, or already be powdered by the big blinding flash.  But your government is all safe in bunkers and we wanted to share that with you by showing off our ability to communicate with possible survivors and reassure citizens  that we'll get to helping shortly when the danger is past.   For now: Good luck.  This concludes this test of the emergency action notification system. Have a nice day."

Just in case, I'm planning a trip to the mountains on that day. A thing that big dropping into the ocean would cause one hell of a wave.

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