Thursday, 22 September 2011

Who's your daddy?

Don't be fooled by this immigration detention crap. All you have to do is follow the money. Who has the most to gain from the Australian immigration detention system? Who has the most to gain from whipping mouth-breathers into a frenzy of hatred and blind fear? Serco, making a profit out of the agony misfortune of those poor bastards coming in on boats, is who. 

This alleged debate is completely at odds with who we are, subverts our real culture which was once based on immigration and inclusion. We are being manipulated by those bastards to keep it going. A UK corporation, Serco is little better than big mining, gouging giant holes in our social fabric and disrupting social cohesion. I don't know about you, but I'm not really that comfortable about the reach of these pricks. For my money there's a bit of a moral problem inherent in making squillions of bucks out of misery.

So, has anything changed since the Australian invasion 200 yrs ago? We will all be convicts soon. 


  1. Hughesy, this rhetoric is completely over the top. Our immigration system is all inclusive, with Europeans now representing a relatively small percentage of arrivals. Our immigration system is as multi-cultural as it gets. Check out the stats for Chrissake.

    And as to Serco, what you are saying is more about how much you hate multi nationals than anything they actually do or get.

    Treasury would have done comparison scenarios as to how well an Australian public service structure would stack up against a security contractor from anywhere. Serco, or any other private contractor would be able to deliver the services for less than the public service and still make a decent profit.

    I know from my own industry that dealing with the public service is a nightmare. The only thing they are good at is makework that just further bogs down anyone who has to deal with them.

    Don't you remember at uni how we all hated bureaucrats. It was all true! Our instincts were spot on. That is why Serco exists.


  2. Oh and yes, the invasion. I forgot. Over the last ten thousand years, my ancestors were repeatedly invaded; all of them by not very nice people. We got over it, moved on and then copped it a few more times.

    The locals in Terra Australis had a 10,000 year holiday from all that, which I am sure was very nice for them while it lasted. But it only lasted because they were temporarily out of reach.

    They could have got the Maori, who would have massacred everyone they met on contact, without even considering their use as slaves.

    They could have got the Chinese, but luckily for them, they all went home in 1372, by Imperial Edict.

    The Portugues and Spanish would have initally tried to use them as slave labour, and when that didn't work, they would have massacred the lot.

    The Dutch, after they had worked out that aboriginal labor was unprofitable, would have forced them all into the desert, and killed any who tried to return.

    The French and English had some humanitarian instincts and actually thought it might be a good idea to try and buffer the locals against the worst effects of the invasion, albeit not terribly successfully.

    Hughesy, once the place was 'discovered' by people who had the capacity to get here in any numbers, it was going to be all over for the locals, no matter who it was.

    What were they going to do? An Island continent the size of much of North America is off limits to immigrants, but small groups of tourists can come to see stone age peoples in action? An eighteenth century tourist location being preserved for posterity? Do you think that might have worked?

    Australia; a museum, with people in it who still do Lascaux style paintings. Very unique experience and for one thousand pounds, you too can have an extraordinary two year trip to the antipodes, to see the colourful natives and their frightfully interesting customs.

    That is about as much bulshit as a Cadbury ad where everything is made of chocolate and happiness reigns supreme.

    Really Hughesy, do you think anyone would have left Australia to the locals once they knew it was there and they could get to it? I don't think so. and I am sure neither do you.

    Once the rest of the world started to develop, it was only matter of time before the indigenous people in Terra Australis met someone who would be their nemesis. And in some ways, the longer it took, the worse would be the encounter, because the people who met them would be that much further removed in terms of culture, industry, technology and armament.

    And while the museum model was half tongue-in-cheek, I think you actually believe it, albeit in an attenuated post-occupation form.

    Personally, I think that leaves them in a really hopeless position of frozen indecision about the way forward, which in my view is taking a respected place in the multi-cultural world that Australia is becoming.

    The alternative is that they become a permanent group of losers who pass the disease onto their children, like some awful existential plague.

    I just don't see why aboriginal kids should be any less successful than Sudanese, or any of the unfortunates who get to come here and make use of the opportunities we offer, that they would never get at home in a thousand years.

    Surely Hughesy, in your heart of hearts, you can see something of that. Surely?

  3. I said DETENTION system. Not general migration.

    Sigh - did you bother actually reading the article or watching the video or actually reading the post closely? No. Before you blurt, do manage to bother to figure out what I am talking about first.

    And on the next post:
    Instead, they got the fkn WHite people. Worst of all when you boil it all down. And, it still doesn't make it right. And you know what? The argument that SOMEBODY had to invade is just plain white people bullshit. Jesus, you sound like my fkn father's generation.