Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Health retreats

Trouble with aquatic health regimes is the plague.

A swimming pool, regardless of the tons of chlorine they no doubt dump into the water, contains some pretty virulent lurgies, all of which appear to be currently at work in my ear, nose throat and pulmonary system. It got so bad the other night I had to actually go the the bloody hospital! Oxygen, ventolin, antibiotics and IV panadol! And I don't even suffer from asthma! It was just that I couldn't breathe - just kept hacking and coughing till I was out of steam and Geoff piled me into the car to go down to Noosa to make sure I wasn't actually going to expire.

Scary. I'm OK now, but have had a gluey head for the first two days of the library tour. Bugger not to be on top form, but should be back up there by Thursday.

Will see how I feel on Friday - hope to get back into the pool with increased immunity - fingers crossed.


  1. My god, hope your feeling better

  2. Please get better soon.

  3. eergg...sounds terrible...hope you're feeling better soon. I've always had a thing about public pools, don't trust 'em...

  4. Hughesy: there's a fizzing black bastard of a lung virus doing the rounds down here. I know dozens of people -- all three of my kids included -- who have had that vile cough. It lasts for months, keeps you awake at night, fills you with oozing phlegm, and sends you into racking, hacking fits that deoxygenate you to the point where you start seeing black spots. (I got it last year!)

    Oddly enough, it doesn't seem to make anyone actually sick. No fever. No weakness. Nothing but the vile cough.

    Take it easy and wait it out. There's not much else to do, if that's what's got you.

  5. Hope you're feeling better. Allen and I are looking forward to catching up with your library tour next Monday in Cooroy.

  6. YEP FH - think that's what it was. Man, what a total bastard.

    Chartreuse! See you there.

    Thanks for the wishes folks. Am fine now.