Friday, 9 July 2010

Geoffrey's new work hot off the press!

This is very, very cool! G-Man and I are the featured artists on POOL this weekend.

If you don't know what ABC Pool is, go check it out. It is run by ABC producers who suck up all our free content, but hey, not complaining, since occasionally we get airplay on our ABC - our 16 cents worth!

In fact, it is deeply gratifying to know that SOMEONE is out there listening!

And, if you're not on farceburk, you won't know that G-man is launching his very first book of poetry at the festival. In fact, its a major work comprising book and a double CD set of recordings of spoken word and sung versions of the printed words.

Then, and Then: a memoir will be launched by song siren Linda Neil at the Cooroy Butter Factory on Saturday 31 July, 5-8pm.

If you're a Sunshine Coast blog buddy, come along - its a free event, and you will have the rare opportunity to see me live on stage playing dulcimer to his various guitars and home made banjos.

If you think you'd like to support your local artist and purchase a copy of Geoff's new work, here's a headsup - it is published in a limited edition of 100, 64pp book and cdx2 boxed set. This means that it's practically a collector's item already. Each copy is signed and numbered.
Further details here.


  1. Congratulations! What a wonderful achievement for the G-Man.

    Have fun with the dulcimers - hopefully I will see you shortly after that at the festival. ;)

  2. Congrats G-man (a book and cd - that must be some effort involved). The POOL is great that's for sure and I would recommend it to any budding artist - it's not well known enough but should be and will be one day. Cheers GB