Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Just so you know

Just in case you are unsure about these things, I have discovered that a 'standard' drink is NOT one bottle a night. Each.


Also, it's taken since Feb, but I'm finally fag free.

Now that I can breathe and won't be adding a gallon of vino reddo onto the intake side of things, losing that 20 kg (sigh, which is still there give or take a few kg depending on the time of the month) will certainly be a lot easier.


  1. Hmm. Are you sure of your figures? That doesn't seem right...

    but congratulations on the cigaretteless life. Hope you can stay with it, so you can stay with us. (Instead of leaving prematurely. Which smokers tend to do.)

  2. Bastards.

    Apparently there are 8.3 'standard' drinks in a bottle of wine, which can only mean that the standard is determined across a population of midgets or whippets.

    I have a girlfriend who got off the fags a year ago, but she's still on nicotine (gum) which is giving her an extremely dodgy stomach response. I'd like to see the figures for death by nicorette as well - and WHF doesn't that attract the same tax? I'll betha the gum companies are owned by the smoke cos.

  3. EIGHT standard drinks in a bottle? that's 100 calories a glass...800 calories? oh my god now I know where my bingo wings are coming from...

  4. EIGHT POINT THREE!!! And, its soooo buried in the fine print of the label.

    If wine makers had the same stringent labelling rules as cigarette companies, like frinstance, Jacobs Creek "Long FAT Red" or Wirra Wirra Chokka Block, they'd never sell a drop of the stuff - well, not to chicks anyway. Well, not young vain ones who still have a snowflake's hope in hell of ever looking like a foetus again.

    Certainly not elderly old lushes like me. I only intend to cut back during the week - weekends are still open slather.

    Bingo wings - heheh.

  5. I'm looking forward to coming home in the next week or so...I have fond memories of the impossibly HUGE wine glasses they serve you in Oz. BUCKETS, more like it. At least half a bottle in each glass...

    a shame you can't have a smoke though, even on the street tables...

  6. 8.3 standard drinks?

    I'm lowering my standards!

  7. Four standard drinks in the first hour is OK, so I'm told, then a drink per hour for evermore. BUT the heavier you are the more you can drink and stay under the limit! Nudge nudge etc, say no more.
    But seriously, from a long-time smoker and a longer time ex-smoker, glad to know you will be around for a lot of drinks yet! Ger donya!

  8. Congrats on the smoking situation. Stafford - you are so wrong with those figures! Plus women aren't supposed to have more than 2 standard drinks a day for health reasons (something I ignore regularly) and 2 alcohol free days a week. I find when I give up drinking (which happens once in a blue moon) that I get really hungry, but I still lose weight because of the huge number of calories in alcohol.

  9. Screamish - we call them tuckshop lady arms! But bingo wings is funnier.

  10. good to see that you are still alive and kicking. Spewin I didnt have time to perhaps pop up, or down, or where the hell you are located.

    next time. And as for red wine. Well, it fits neatly into my diet of SEE IT and FKN EAT IT! day the metabolism is guuna stop and i'm liable to explode

  11. Congratulations on finally being fag-free (presuming, of course, that your use of "fag" is a slang term for cigarette and not a slur directed at gay males; however, if, in the past, you had problems associated with homosexuals that are now resolved, then I suppose you should be congratulated for that as well).

  12. Congrats on dropping the cancer sticks.

    But are you certain about the size of a standard drink? I'm not sure!!!