Saturday, 20 February 2010

Blubber Busting Tip # 1 - Allow at least 45min for a 5 min bike ride

Well, off she went, that intrepid foolhardy Hughesy, off to town on an actual bicycle. Had a meeting at about 4pm. Left here at ten to. Plenty of time - only a minute or two to push the bike up heart break hill, then down hill all the way, a Wind in Her Hair coast!

What I failed to factor into the time and motion equation were three -damn, THREE! - gentle climbs between the bottom of the heartbreak and town. Man, I thought I was going to expire.

I am not a timelord. According to G-man, the car ride into town is at the very least ten minutes, and those humps reduced my pedalling to less than walking speed and burning thighs. By the time I arrived at the meeting at 4.30, I was gagging, driping in sweat and needed at least two tumblers of H2O before I could even speak.

The bike is currently parked under the house of the woman I met with, and she very kindly drove my sorry carcass home.

Still, if I can manage to actually move in the morning, I'm going to ride that sucker back, even if it takes me all bloody day. And this time, I'll remember the bloody helmet.

Rule # 1 - don't leap into an exercise regime you vageuly remember yourself capable of twenty years ago.

Therein lies humiliation.


  1. !!!!! you poor thing. but that is VERY funny!

  2. A timely tip indeed Hughesy, I've been vaguely planning to ride The Brat's bike home from Mum's where he left it some time ago. I mean how hard could it be right?

    New plan, The Brat can get his own bloody bike home methinks.

  3. But you must have reached our best heart rate for cadio in no time flat.

  4. Grinned like a fkn idiot reading that, somebody else's definite TRIALS are a scream to read....keep at it, but yeah. Timely advice

  5. OH..and not that I am in any way an expert, but something I have found ref your bike ride.

    Unless you happen to be walking a lot, and thats with Hills or stairs involved, you are not using your Quads a lot ( top muscle on thigh ). BIKE riding uses these a FK LOAD! . I noticed this issue some time ago when I started keeping again for cricket and FK HOW THEY BURN, let alone the next day or so when all that lactic acid is sitting there like fkn cement and the mere suggestion of movement brings....PAIN!....Some more walking..short trips with hills or shorter bike rides..

  6. I seem to have gotten out of the pain side of things relatively unscathed. The quads are a little tight, hammies are fine if I don't actually try to bend over and, well, let's jsut say I'm in a lot better shapet than I thought I'd be after yesterday afternoon's punishment.

    Still, got to go get the thing in half an hour.

    I'll remember to stretch this time. Arggh

  7. yeah DO!, stretch that is and here is some WISDOM words from the great HAV!, watch the stretching. I made the boo boo early this season, of stretching too much and suffered a pull of sorts in a QUAD, to about a month or more to come good. Little stretches I found were better, not a really GOOD STRETCH..or you might pay a real penalty!.

  8. Whew"
    Home safe and sort of sound in a slather of post shower sweaty heat fug as the body continues to cool down after the climb up to our vally. Man, it is a killer - but now I rememebr how it feels to have really done a work out. Bugger - I'm even steaming up my glasses!

  9. Stretch after too, helps even more than before exercise

  10. G-man said “It is bizarre!”
    But Hughsey said “No, it’s not so far.”
    “A ride on my bike,
    Is just what I'd like.”
    But she came home in somebody’s car!