Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Rememberance day

Ah, what a beautiful day:

AND A TAX RETURN too boot!

Thankyou umpire, thankyou ball boys.


  1. Funny I thought of you when I read both articles!! Pete's gone up a nothc or two in my estimation. but it also could be the Ruddbot whiping his hands of another ALP state who's next NT or Vic?!!!!

  2. Fantastic pieces of news - I didn't know about Traveston until checking your blog - maybe I should listen to the news more often. Talk about giving the people of the Mary valley the runaround.

  3. Well, if ever there was a state gvernment that needed hosing down it's QLD's.

    Seems to me she should take this water issue back to the source of the problem. If they think its OK to fill a bloody big hole with water in the vally next toor to me, why don't they take it up to the developers to dig smaller holes in their proposed housing estates?
    'Yes, certainly Mr White Shoe, you can build an ugly desert of a suburb a million miles from anywhere, but I'm afraid it will have to be self sufficient in water supply and power generation, and while your at it, here's the bill for the public transport and road infrastructure needed to get all those new residents to town.

    And quite frankly, bugger it - why do I have to pay to keep Brisvegas awash with drinking water to pour down its dunnies when I have to collect all mine and suck eggs if it runs out between wet seasons?


  4. There's certainly not much lateral thinking going on when it comes to sustainability - well not much of anything really. Wake up pollies and smell the oncoming disaster you pollocks.

  5. So the people of Mary River will get to buy back their own land? Bet that privelage is a little tainted now.