Saturday, 12 September 2009

And the winner is....

Me again!
Second year in a row, first prize turnips!

On my way to the show to check out the jam results, but this turned upon the web this morning by a turnip lover with an eye for quality (and irony).


Here it is - the full haul:
First Prize - Rosella Jam
First Prize - 3 Turnips
Second Prize - 6 Limes, any variety


  1. Hellooooo across the hills behind me. Fancy that. I have to tell you those turnips provided me and The Bloke with at least a full two minutes of guffawing out loud and then a further number of spontaneous giggles throughout the afternoon. Ah the power of turnips, or would that be the power of 4 little words.

    Well done you. A prize for prized turnips.