Monday, 27 July 2009

Chicken Burger Real Meal Deal

Hardly any sleeps now till weekend 5 of Reality Bites

Meat Fest alert for Burgers in the vicinity. You are invited to a drink and a bite on saturday night at the Butter Factory.

See you there chaps. Rug up - it's shaping up to be cold up here in the mountains.


  1. Any good places to stay near there hughesy? too far to go back to Lantanaland.

  2. I have my people looking into the matter Beeso, and will post accom options as soon as they come to hand.

  3. I suspect that the Cooroy Motel is a brothel - always has the no vacancy sign out and BMW's parked inside!
    There's a couple of B&B's on the edges, so go to Wotif on line and look for accom in the following places-Cooroy, Pomona, (about 10 min north), Noosaville & Tewantin (twenty min east), Eumundi (five min south), and Nambour (about 25 min south).

    In Namboring you can visit the cafe where the Ruddbot worked as a spotty youth or retrace the footsteps of Flinthart's misspent youth (If you're into that sort of thing.)

  4. I'm there with (metaphorical) bells on.

  5. Isa' getting excited Hughsey.
    Almost busting out some Havock Caps Lock action.
    One more sleep, one more sleep, one more sleep.

    Do you want me to bring anything?

  6. Nup = got it all under control
    See you zen.

  7. Wish I was there, sounds great! "Art, Life Chooks" was a big hit in Scotland. My cousin does some editing for lit types out of Glasgow and she loved it. Its now on her recommended list. She was worried that it may be too chook sentimental when she started it but she loved it. She particularly remarked on the word pictures of the landscapes and not holding back on the chooks. You have a new fan.

  8. Hey Thurbs, your cousin is obviously a genius editor. I initially thought the same thing as I was writing - gad, my friends will think I've gone completely mad, but then thought nah, the chooks are such amusing characters, they'll understand.

    The book seems to be having a bit of an effect here in li'l ol' Cooroy too. I can't go to the local IGA incognito anymore without that spooky feeling of being stared at all the time. This is totally weird for a middle aged woman, already well advanced along the road to invisibility.

    Michael Jackson, I'm feeling your pain bro.

  9. Hey hughesy will you have copies of your book so I can buy a signed copy? Looking forward to seeing a few people tmorrow.

  10. BAHHHH, cold up there. SPARE ME PLEASE OK!. have a good one,