Friday, 24 July 2009

Be my guest

This weekend is the Reality bites pitching clinic. (Only one more week's sleep till Birmo's weekend.)  

Ok, I know this is late notice, but I do know that Patricia and others were thinking this might be something worth coming to, so here is your reminder:

If any of you happen to be passing beautiful down town Cooroy, or live local (I'm looking at you Nowhere), Sunday's Reality Bites panel, (26 July) Getting It Up, is for writers. Four local punters are going to present their pitches for publishing ideas, in whatever medium - film, tv, books etc, and our expert (including moi) panel is going to talk about how to get the project up. Any local writers who think they might someday wannabe published or produced should get along to this session. It'll be chock full of secret-industry-business goodness. If you do turn up, just say, "I'm one of Hughesy's chooks", at the door, and you get in as my guest. (I do so luuuurve being the door bitch - finally.)

See you there, lovers.


  1. No can do Hughsey, this weekend I make much workee busy so that I'm off the chain for next weekend.
    I thought we got all the "Carry On" double entendres out of our system @ the Blunt Instrument recently.
    Getting it up indeed!

  2. Lynne Lumsden Green26 July 2009 at 3:07 pm

    It was a "whooohoooo" hoot, and I have had a huge confidence boost. Thanks for the opportunity, Annette. And I feel sorry for all the people I encouraged to attend, and didn't. You and your fellow panellists rock.