Thursday, 4 June 2009

Aren't we are all sick children?

The chaser boys have done it again. God love their little cotton sox.

But is it not obvious that the sick kiddies are a metaphor - you know, a trope, an analogy, a figure of speech that represents or stands for something else, a symbol of the sick children that we have become after several generations of infantilisation by consumerist advertising and a succession of governments who promise abiding satisfaction by ever escalating desire for stuff we can't afford, (economic growth) propped up by the weird notion that we will remain forever young?

We are all sick children, kept in a perpetual state of immortality - all our dreams can come true if we subscribe to the pipe dream; buy that car, sign up for that mortgage, opt for that boob job. Sick children, slaves of desire who think we can cheat death by wish fulfillment. How sick is that?

The only criticism that can be leveled at the Chasers is that they have overestimated the intelligence of their audience. However, the moment that the ABC starts pitching down to the lowest common denominator of its audience (I'm looking at you Nanny Rudd), it will cease to be my ABC.

How the hell did we get so stupid?

If you want to watch sentimental clap trap, there is A Current Affair for goodness sake. Just switch channels and get your head out of my space!


  1. "they have overestimated the intelligence of their audience"

    Sadly this seems to be the undoing of the best ABC programmes.

  2. Well that skit wasn't nearly as funny as the buckingham palace one.

  3. 'How the hell did we get so stupid?' i'm sorry do you really have to ask that question?

    I've seen the destruction of the BBC so as to maintian 'market share' and allegedly to be 'more relevant'. i just hope that the ABC doesn't go that way, but i'm not hopeful.

  4. Gah. I work for a commercial AM radio station and blimey my ears are bleeding after today.

    Why is everyone so quick to outrage these days?

    What's interesting is that three years ago when 'War on Everything' was on late Friday nights and the Chaser boys' profile was lower, this whole thing would have gone by without notice.

  5. I just think back to some of the critism I have read and laughed at, of Monty Python.

    I would hate to be sitting with my kids in 20 years time watching a Chaser stream (dvds gone by then) and saying "I wrote a letter of complaint to the HeraldSun about that show".

  6. Chaz - sadly we lost that fight a couple of years back, about when they put friggin' Janet Albrechtsen on the ABC board. Not that she's the worst of them, but that was the tipping point, just one more parting legacy from the Howard ungovernment, the wish for the ABC to tear itself apart.

  7. Hi Hughesy baby...what's shakin'? Been a bit lonely wif-outcha.