Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Yes, we have ignition!

Finally, today is the day the G-Man has been waiting for since last year. Today it is cold enough to start the fire. Are all boys closet firebugs? He's been hanging out to get the fire going since the days became shorter. Luckily there's been a great lump of stump on the dam wall that needed burning out to keep him going, and the weather has been wet enough to risk it so close to the tree plantation. But today, with a bit of heavy cloud cover and rain and a definite chill in the air, it's all systems go. 

Must say, the wood stove crackling away next to my office is pretty pleasing, but if it were left to me - I'd just put on more clothes. Now, a small part of my day will be taken up walking along the creek collecting up all the trash that washed down in the recent floods and putting it under cover to dry out for kindling. 

And tonight - a warm flickering glow from the fireplace. Yeay. Winter.


  1. i wish lantanaland was cold enough for such fantastic luxuries, really makes a house feel lived in.

  2. Shhhh, don't tell anybody. I've lost count, seriously lost count of what I have burnt, set alight, blown up and what not. ANYTHING, I MEAN ANYTHING that has a minor attachment to wicked. Let me see.

    Sparklers, matches, Gas (oxy), GUNS..YES!, gun powder, magnesium, FIRES in general, home made Napalm. And running right along side this is the word. BIG!, bigger is betterer I say!.

    And I reckons, its also got some hunter gatherer in it, warm fire, food, beer ( see anything aclholic) and then ..welll, there is only one passtime left fr the out Hughes..he's stalkin ya!

  3. Hmmm that fireplace is right beside the bed. You know havock, you may have a point.

    Now, where's those mulled wine spices.

  4. I grew up with an indoor open fire as our heat source. It ripped. We'd wrap spuds in foil and throw them on the fire. We had a jaffle iron and skewers to make damper twists. Loved it!
    Hav - been a while since I did the camping thing with a fire, beers and bullshit. Its a fine thing.

  5. Therbs...IT IS, not much better I reckon.

    If he gets a NO!......I HAD NUFFIN TO DO WITH IT.

  6. "Are all boys closet firebugs"

    Everytime we light up a fire in the fire place at the cub scout hall we have 30 8-11 olds keen to help.

  7. A lot of men are also deeply attached to anything that can explode I have found as well.

  8. "Are all boys closet firebugs?"


  9. Fire....*drool*