Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Flat out like a lizard drinking

Moving into the last stages of planning for Reality Bites now - the worst part, selling it. The sponsor's publicity mavens are on the case and doing all the press placement, but I'm the bunny who'll be sitting up all night cranking out press releases. We not only have to sell it to the audience, but to the sponsors for next years funding - that's where you come in. 

Help me get the traffic stats up. Pop over the the festival website and follow the blog - while you're at it, leave a post saying what a brilliant idea it is, how you just wish you could come etc etc. Blog it on your site and pass it on.

Also, I'm tweeting it too, so if you twitter, nip over and follow it there too.

Love your work folks, and sorry I haven't been visiting lately - sigh, just been a bit flat out.


  1. Best wishes with it - seems a lot of hard work!

  2. BAAAAH, why is it always in effin QLD, why not down here..sheeez, I would be up there as quick as look at ya..if I could. Alas, me being somewhat bereft of a JOB, I must sadly with a somewhat forlorn look decline your most gracious offer to partake in the festivities...shit shit shit

  3. Lynne Lumsden Green28 May 2009 at 5:22 pm husband heard you spruikng on the ABC radio. He thinks you souded great!