Monday, 23 March 2009

Well, that was a fizzer

Cool, Anna Bligh gets to be voted the first chick in charge of a Government, but I'm afraid I'm finding it incredibly hard to care - at all - and I'm into politics. When did it all get so bloody low grade? How has it come down to this lightweight bullshit cliche ridden tripe we get served up now?

It'd be different if anyone actually said something of any consequence, anything that had any meaning attached to it, but nope, all we got for the whole campaign, during the victory speeches and for the past two days was that same ol' repetition of the same ol' platitudes, catch phrases and sound bites, and if I have to listen to the ABC playing that embarrassing commercial radio clip of her pretending to be a pirate to make herself seem personable to the average Queensland mouth-breather... arghh.

I ended up turning the election coverage off way before the actual day because it became impossible to give a flying f*ck about just about all of it. I'm actually looking forward to a full on thoroughgoing depression so I won't have to hear the 'working family' mantra ever again. What are they going to pull out of the hat and do to death next? Starving families? 

Who is responsible for the devolution of politics into blathering drivel? How do the politicians actually manage to repeat it over and over without feeling the need to split their own heads open, reach in and remove their own frontal lobes? (Sorry Lobes)

Still, I do wish her luck. She'll need it. Stepping out of the Beatmeister's white shoes and into some sensible flatties is going to be tough, given the old boy's club she's up against.  


  1. What makes me really ropeable is when in all politics they have a conscious vote they manage to thoughtful, articulate and representative, but the party machine seems to turn them into some advanced form of zombie, mumbling "working families" as my grey matter leaks slowly from my ears.

    I'd love it to be different....

  2. I put it down to John Howard's win over Keating. Basically, Howard saw that the electorate was disenchanted with Keating's work. If you recall that election, you will recall that Howard's policy was simply to not announce any policies. At all. Criticism of Labor policy and track record was Howard's sole and only platform.

    It worked because he was right - the electorate was disenchanted. And by not giving them something to remind them how much worse Howard and his f_cknoddies were, the electorate followed its own mood.

    It's a simple tactic. If you're in a winning position already, STFU and let your opponent thrash around. The only people who really need to campaign and expose their position to critical appraisal are those who have to somehow make up ground.

    The Borg was never looking like winning, so Bligh and her people kept it to platitudes and unfrightening, simple, business-as-usual shite, plus the inevitable abuse of Borgy and his people.


  3. Joh and Russ must be squirming big time after a girly got the job. It ain't gonna be easy for her at all, but at least she made it.