Tuesday, 27 January 2009

How a day can get away

I had 2000 words to write today, a MS assessment report and some work on a proposal for some workshops, but then my Dad called. 
'Got your fish lovie'. He has some mate up the river and Dad had gone out at sparrowfart to meet the boat. When I got to his place, I found him out in his back yard filleting his haul, and my share of it was six fish. I'd thought they'd be regular garden variety mullet, but instead, they were great big fat-arsed sea mullet that come into the river to spawn. And not only that, I scored all the frames as well for the compost heap.
Of course, when I got home, the idea of chucking all those frames without making stock seemed like a criminal waste. Then of course I had to cook one fresh. One is way too much for two, so G-man's mother came down for lunch as well. By the time I had a couple of dozen containers of stock for the freezer and washed up all the pots and pans, I thought I was close to getting near some work.
Nuh Uh. Now there's a rat up a drainpipe on the side of the house, and it has to be dismantled to get the bugger out because I don't want it to bloody well die in there and poison the tank water. Grrrrrr.
There goes the afternoon as well.

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